Can You Dive While Pregnant?

Most, if not all, doctors recommend steady exercise during pregnancy, both for the over all good health of the mother and that of the baby. This holds doubly true for those women who were regularly active before pregnancy. Running, cycling and other forms of exercise are presumed healthy exercises for pregnant women, but what about diving? Can you dive while pregnant?

Most doctors will tell you no you should not dive while pregnant, but not all for the same reasons. Since studies on pregnant women are few due to health and ethical reasons, it is difficult to site reliable medical research as an answer. Therefore, doctors rely on surveys completed by pregnant women or women who have recently given birth after diving, and on experiments conducted on pregnant animals.

While no study published thus far has named breathing compressed air at various depths a cause for concern, one study sites psychological issues as a deterrent for diving while pregnant. Researchers believe the mother may feel responsible for a miscarriage or birth defects if she dived while pregnant. The same study revealed that the fetus may come into contact with nitrogen bubbles as a result of the mother being a low depths, which could potentially lead to complications.

Another study performed with rodents showed the young born with severe birth defects as a result of exposure to hyperbaric oxygen as a treatment for the decompression sickness that can be associated with diving. Rodents not treated with hyperbaric oxygen suffered more, giving birth to young with limb deformities, skull abnormalities and organs which failed to form completely before birth.

While doctors have no definitive answers as to whether diving while pregnant will harm a fetus or it’s mother, the general consensus is to avoid diving while you are pregnant, just to be safe.


Consider These Things When Buying a Wrist Dive Computer

women diving being hugged by a turtle

What is your experience status?

Before anything, you as a diver need to be aware of your diving experience. With this at hand, it will result easier to select the best dive computer watch for you. It is of sum importance to evaluate the experience level so as to select the correct dive watch. This is because of existence of different necessities for skilled divers and starters.

For this reason, the choice of one diver will not be satisfactory for another diver. To determine the level of diving, one needs to consider factors like what diving style do you practice or plan to execute soon, and which dive watch will form a better combination with your diving equipment.

Plan to the extent where your budget allows

As a matter of fact, you need to consider your budget before going forward to choosing your dive watch. It is worthy to invest in an appropriate dive watch as this will reflect when carrying out the diving exercise.

If your concern is venturing into skilled diving, it’s better for you to begin with the amateur level computers and watches which are economical, have got the latest features and can last a longer period of time. If you have no issues with the budget, then you have the whole lot to choose from.

Choose a dive computer that s easy to read

When looking for the perfect dive watch, you need to consider how easy it is for you to read the screen display. As a matter of fact, it will be hard for any diver to read the time, the depth, or other calculations when deep in the water, when the screen display is not easily readable.

The readability of the dive watch should be simple at all times, whether marked or not. Actually, an easily readable screen should possess bigger digits, have a back lit light, and a wide angle screen color.

Is it nitrox compatible?

When choosing the perfect dive watch, you need to consider if it has nitrox. An expert’s advice is that watches that come with nitrox are the best.

If the dive watch has nitrox, then the diver has options of choosing the nitrox level which he/she will be diving. Apart from that, nitrox helps in the regulation of decompression time and depth level, through the percentage of nitrox consumed during diving.

Does it have a data transferring option?

Current diving watches are manufactured in a way that they possess an option of transferring the diving data to the ‘cloud’ or to your computer. With this feature, divers have at their disposal the ability to connect the dive watches with their laptops or desktops, so as to transfer the date from their watches for future reference, and to maintain a record of their diving.

This data transfer system feature that is included in the dive watches portrays the dives in the form of graphs which indicate the total time the dive lasted and the depth of the dive. Apart from the depth and the dive tie, current dive computers have the option of downloading the quantity of nitrogen and air used by the diver, and the ascent r ate data.

Digital compass

It goes without doubt that analogue compasses have features that are advantageous, but the recent computers are integrated with compasses that are of latest model and above all they are digital.

Though this being the case, it is important to properly adjust the compass as required, for a proper functioning. The manufacturers of diving equipment advocate that the compasses should be adjusted when they come into contact with a magnet r when there has been a discharge of batteries.

Replaceable batteries

It is not a secret to anyone that the advanced features installed in the dive computers do consume a lot of power. For this reason, the manufactures of dive computers have developed rechargeable batteries which only need to be put to charge by connecting to a USB charger.

In conclusion, these are the basic requirements when choosing the ideal dive computer. For more information, check the scuba mask review.



Scuba Diving Courses at The Best Dive Shops in Thailand

If you are searching for diving gear or plan to take a diving course in Thailand, then you may be interested in knowing where some of the best dive shops are found. You can save money, hassle, and time by knowing where the best equipment is sold and where excellent diving courses are taught.

* Planet Scuba- This shop offers scuba diving courses from beginner to instructor and these are top quality courses. This shop has access to some of the best diving site to introduce new students to the underwater world. They also sell top quality name brand equipment. The course instructors are highly trained professionals. You find dive trips and accommodations offered here as well.

* Pattaya Dive Centre- This is another great place for diving the islands. This shop provides trips, dive courses from beginners to professionals, technical diving and more. They have been in business for more than 15 years. You can book online at the website.

* Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd – You can book diving trips and register for courses on their site. With the price of a course you will be provided with full equipment.

* DISCOVERY DIVE CENTRE- A full range of diving courses can be found here. Get flexible scheduling for dive trips and courses. You can book online now to reserve your spot ahead of time. Great deals are available on dive and stay packages. All course divers will receive certification at the end.

* IMPIAN DIVERS- This is a six star dive center. Their diving courses are designed with safety in mind. Det diving information and book your stay at excellent resorts. They offer flexible schedules and online booking too.

* SIAM SCUBA- This shop offers children and adult courses along with online booking, flexible schedules. This is an award winning five star shop. They are experts in meeting the needs of all divers.

* Easy Divers- This shop offers courses, tours, online booking, beginner to pro courses, tour boats, daily dive trips and a whole lot more.

* Merlin Divers Phuket Thailand- Day trips, half day trips, courses, certifications, courses for beginners and certified divers, online reservations and more is what divers will find here.

* Sunrise Divers- This shop provides day trips year round. This is a 5 Star Dive Centre. Their equipment is very well maintained too. This shop has been in business for seventeen years.

* Oktavia Dive Center- This shop owns their own Khao Lak diving liveaboard vessel. Prices and availability may be viewed on their website. Book cruises, courses, and day trips online.

* Bangtao Dive Center- Liveaboard, purchase equipment, book a tour, book a day trip, schedule a flexible diving courses and more. Deals and special promotions are offered at this shop. Diving with family deals are here.

Choosing a dive shop from this list will allow you to get all you are looking for in diving in Thailand. Bring a friend, go with family or go alone. Thailand invites you wherever you are in the world.


Why is Hydration so Important to SCUBA Diving


As much as diving is a fascinating recreational activity, people should take it as a personal responsibility to observe safety. One of the most stressed safety concerns is hydration. It is advisable to stay hydrated while diving.

An underwater athlete is said to loose water more than normal. Therefore, the hydration routine observes strictly before and after diving. Failure to take enough fluids could be a risky move. Following the guidelines and tips concerning hydration is a great advantage to any individual who is into this underwater sport.

Various factors cause dehydration during diving. The following are some of them;

  • Climate

There is more sweating experienced because of the climate; some of the divers tend to dive along the equator on hot climates. This exposure to heat makes them sweat a lot. The sweating takes part in the dehydration process in their bodies.

Respiration process

During this underwater recreational activity, individuals exposed exhale water in their breath. This process is more extreme by breathing dry filtered air.

  • Sun, the wind, and salt

The sun plays a significant role in perspiration process. However, this process is made so efficient due to the exposure suits the divers put on. While in the windy climate, the divers have the capability to perspire over and over because the sweat evaporates faster. The more rapid loss of the sweat the more the body feels to perspire to cool itself down.

The windy climates speed up the process of loss of water. Thus there is a high risk of dehydration. Most diving water sources tend to be salty. This factor limits water absorption and slows the ability of the body to cool itself down.

Failure to hydrate for any underwater athletes could result to the following side effects;

  • Weakness and exhaustion are experienced.
  • Poor air consumption
  • Cramping
  • Reduce awareness
  • Increased risk of decompression sickness

Tips on how to maintain Hydration during diving

  • Always carry a clear re-usable water bottle with markings. This allows you to gauge your water consumption.
  • Consume lots of fluid before diving.
  • Hydrate more when you are at the surface before diving again.
  • During surface, intervals observe staying in shades. This reduces exposure to heat.
  • Avoid putting on the exposure suit especially if you are not ready to dive.
  • The salt remains on the skin after the jump should be rinsed off.
  • Avoiding diuretics and alcohol is encouraged.
  • Always hydrate after vomiting
  • Applying sunscreen lotions also comes in handy in preventing loss of water. 
  • Maintain hydration throughout the days leading up to the dive with a hydration pack.  One of the best hydration packs techniques is to wear the pack continuously.  With the water and tube so close and convenient, it’s difficult NOT to drink and stay hydrated.

Why is hydration so important during scuba diving?

  • It’s a common fact the more we take fluids, the more we feel and the less the water in our bodies we feel worse.
  • Enough hydration for divers allows them to have plenty of water in their bodies. This is an added advantage due to the immense loss of water that occurs in the sport.
  • Taking enough fluids decreases the risks that might emanate from dehydration. Such risks include poor air consumption and worst off cramping.
  • Individuals partaking scuba diving know how important it is to hydrate. Hydration limits chances of risking life while under water. A diver who is dehydrated is likely to risk their lives while at the sport and might probably lose their lives.
  • To everyone who dives or anyone planning to partake in this recreational activity in the future, stay safe and always remember to stay hydrated 24/7.all the best in your diving

Dive Malaysia

Picture crystal clear waters encompassing stunning tropical isles with pure, white-colored beaches. Picture palm trees swaying in tropical, warm breezes, all set against a backdrop of lavish, flourishing rainforest– this is Malaysia. For scuba diving divers, Malaysia’s biodiversity is nothing short of stunning. The nation is split into two parts– Peninsular Malaysia, which shares a border with the southern end of Thailand, and Malaysian Borneo, which encompasses the northern quarter of the planet’s third-largest island. The dive possibilities here are equaled only by the nation’s cultural diversity.

All around the hundreds of tropical islands are an amazing choice of dive sites and unexplored beach fronts. You can easily pick from a variety of underwater geographies including uneven reefs, pinnacles and coral reef gardens for your deep, drift, wreck, subterranean area and wall dives. World-renowned wall diving, showcasing more than 3000 species of sea creatures, and some of the finest macro diving sites in the world are found here. From Peninsular Malaysia, you can get to the Perhentian Islands with looming pinnacles, and Redang Island with some of the world’s most developed coral gardens. Tioman Island, off of the peninsula’s east coast, has remarkable coral reef formations and deep water nearby that is home to lots of wreckages for technical scuba divers.

Top 3 Malaysian Dive Locations

Pulau Sibuan, Semporna – Exceptional muck diving but it’s many times overlooked as divers usually opt to go to spots that have more popularity.  This is daytrip stuff from Semporna.  Get a great look at mandarin fish at Semporna Marine Park as well as nudibranchs and great many others..

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu –You may seek out macro life at Tunku Abdul but you’ll also get a gander rays, turtles, reef sharks and much more.  Whale sharks are in the area from March til April.

Atago Maru Wreck, Miri – The Atago Maru is/was a 345 foot WWII Japanese merchant ship. Now she rests only 33 feet from the surface.  Her hull and the


Tipping the Dive Crew: Yes or No?

It is popular to tip both the captain and also the divemaster or trainer. I would certainly suggest day-to-day tipping, nonetheless if you understand you will certainly be diving with the very same divemaster as well as staff throughout of your remain, after that it is naturally completely appropriate to tip at the end.

In regards to a practical total up to tip, for the watercraft staff normally 10 – 15% is flawlessly practical, and also for the dive master 15% is definitely great, probably extra if you really feel the solution obtained was over as well as past your assumptions.

Tipping rules is one of those topics that frequently creates problem as well as also humiliation. Numerous of us commonly locate ourselves believing, should I tip?

For additional details or to obtain a month-to-month e-newsletter loaded with short articles and also scuba diving relevant guidance, please see our online dive shop We likewise provide a huge series of diving devices along with abroad residential property & dive vacations.

While I really feel highly that none ought to really feel under stress to tip, especially if you’re not a pleased client, I do really feel that it excels to tip, besides along with guaranteeing you appreciate the dive, your scuba diving trainers & dive masters are accountable for your safety and security throughout the dive, so it excels to reveal admiration for this. The watercraft staff additionally have a crucial duty to play in regards to ensuring you’re secure, and in several abroad nations they are not paid significantly for their solutions as well as make it through on the kindness of vacationers as opposed to their salaries alo


SCUBA and Travel Tips

Traveling could imply the excitement of seeing brand-new locations or the problem of not having the conveniences and also protection of house. Like anything, traveling goes a lot more efficiently with a bit of understanding as well as prep work. Maintain checking out for some audio guidance from skilled vacationers on making your trips enjoyable memories.

You could assist make your holiday much less difficult by loading gently for your journey.
Attempt to maintain all the products you will certainly require in one bag; while this might appear difficult, it could be done if you beware concerning just what you consist of. Loading gently indicates that there are much less points for you to stay up to date with, as well as bother with, while you are appreciating your journey.

When taking a trip by air with little youngsters, load a pair of playthings that they have actually never ever seen prior to in your lug on luggage. Taking a trip could be demanding as well as tough for a really young youngster.

See to it you ask about feasible improvement days when booking an area at a resort. Building and construction devices waking you up could actually moisten a trip. If you figure out that an improvement is upcoming, either alter the days of your keep or go elsewhere.

If you have actually ever before taken a trip with young kids you have actually most certainly been asked much a lot of times just how much better it is. One means of addressing this is to obtain each of the youngsters a map as well as advise them ways to review it. They’ll be delighted, and also you’ll be showing them an ability that they will certainly make use of the remainder of their lives!

Valuable Guidance For You To Make use of When You Traveling.

If you are intending on investing a big quantity of loan on your journey or getaway, think about spending a percentage a lot more on traveling insurance policy. It will certainly guarantee that you are secured on the occasion that your journey have to be terminated as a result of individual ailment, all-natural catastrophe, or various other unmanageable occasions.

Every person likes mementos, yet occasionally you could wind up with one as well numerous while taking a trip. If all the points you have actually collected on your getaway will not fit in your traveling bag for the return journey, you could constantly mail them house.

When thinking about the things you are mosting likely to take with you on your journey, think of just what the weather condition will certainly resemble. You could inspect exactly how the weather condition has actually remained in the area for the previous week and take a look at the projection. Simply make certain you take safety measures if essential, so you will not be captured off-guard, if the weather condition makes a decision to transform.


Traveling could imply the excitement of seeing brand-new locations or the problem of not having the conveniences as well as safety and security of house. Like anything, traveling goes a lot extra efficiently with a little bit of expertise as well as prep work. If you have actually ever before taken a trip with young youngsters you have actually definitely been asked much also numerous times just how much better it is. When taking a trip by air with tiny kids, load a pair of playthings that they have actually never ever seen prior to in your bring on luggage. If you are going to take a trip to a location that includes scuba diving or snorkeling, be certain to spend in an undersea electronic camera.  Get the best snorkel gear at many places across the web as well as SCUBA and travel tips.

Speak to any type of roadway warrior and also they could inform you both tales of fantastic journeys and also calamity trips. Several of things they have actually discovered have actually been cooperated this post. Maintain these suggestions in mind in getting ready for your future journeys, and also you make sure to find residence with wonderful memories instead of frustrations.

If you are mosting likely to take a trip to a location that includes diving or snorkeling, make sure to buy an undersea video camera. There are several wonderful undersea electronic cams on the marketplace nowadays. The majority of electronic cams additionally consist of a video clip setup, so you could record your entire undersea experience.

wreck diving

Wreck Diving Tips

Wreck diving is challenging and the mysterious and magical lure to these wrecks have made wreck diving a very popular form of Scuba Diving.

There is some aura of mystery and eeriness reeking from wrecks. It’s a strange feeling that not many can put into writing. It’s something like walking into a haunted house. … There is a strange silence that exudes from these sunken treasures.

Most, if not all, wrecks have a history behind them. Some might have been sunken during the war, while others might have served their usefulness as fishing boats and were deliberately sunken to aid in the ecological growth of the marine world.

Personal Preparation

Know the wrecks that you are going to dive

  • Wrecks are found in all kinds of waters and conditions. Depths, water temperatures, currents, visibility, marine life, types of seabed, and obstacles and snags are factors contributing to the level of difficulty of a wreck dive.


  • Wrecks are found in depths varying from as shallow as 10 feet, to depths of hundreds and thousands of feet below sea level. Wrecks found in shallow waters are often accessed via a shore dive, if currents permit. Deeper wrecks are only accessible via dive boats, where you are taken to the dive site, and descend from there.
  • Keeping close to the depth limits of safe diving, you should not be too carried away by the lure of the wrecks at the expense of your personal safety. Watch your depths, observe and practise proper safety-stops.

Water Temperatures

  • Water temperatures determine the type of dive suits to wear, and the period of exposures. The water temperatures get lower (colder) as you get deeper.

In-Water Currents

  • Understanding the water currents will help you plan your wreck dive more accurately, and prevent any unforeseeable circumstances from arising.


  • You may wish to bring an underwater light to aid in your exploration of the wrecks. If the visibility is bad, you may not be able to “find” the wreck at all! Taking this into consideration and preparing for it will help you in finding the wreck and enjoying your dive.
  • For underwater photographers, knowing the visibility of the waters will help you in deciding what type of photography you’d be doing at the site. Whether you should use wide-angled lens or macro lens, etc…

Marine Life

  • Just like all other dive sites, the marine life differs considerably owning to many factors, such as amount of sunlight penetration, currents, depths, water temperatures and so on.
  • For underwater photographers, you will be able to anticipate the type of photography that you’d be doing at the site.

Types of Seabed

  • If the wreck lies on a sandy bottom, you’d have to be more careful with your finning techniques and spare a thought for the divers around you.

Snags and obstacles

  • You will find many such snags and obstacles around and on the wrecks. Fishing nets, ropes, cords and so on can cause you to get entangled, disoriented, and will cause you stress and eventual panic.
  • Bearing this in mind, you should be prepared and keep a constant lookout and avoid such obstacles as much as possible.
  • Equipment needed for wreck diving
  • About Wrecks – types, marine life…

What kind of wrecks?

  • Okay, wrecks come in many shapes and sizes and types and age. There are really old wrecks, which dates back centuries ago. Then there are “newer” wrecks, which start from the First World War to present times.


  • The “centuries” old wrecks consisted of trading/merchant ships and war ships. You can read more in the History here. “Newer” types of wrecks include the planes and even submarines.
  • The older wrecks, which were made of wood, have corroded away, and are left with only the more resistant parts which could withstand the corroding agents of the sea. And these parts include the cannons, and some of the cargoes and currencies used by the traders and “warriors” of the sea.

Marine life

  • Most of the wrecks are found at coral reefs.Why?
  • This is so true. You can often see stingrays lying beneath  the wrecks, while fishes of all shapes, sizes and colors could be found making their home on the wrecks.

Why did the ships sink?

  • Coral Reefs
  • Captains of these ships relied heavily on maps, which marked out the positions of reefs located along the routes. However, as there were many reefs not discovered yet, they were not marked and indicated on these maps.
  • Weather
  • Storms and monsoons “aided” in the sinking of these ships, which included huge swells, lightning, and strong currents.
  • Ships conditions
  • The age of the ships is one reason contributing to them sinking. As these ships we used for as long as they were afloat, many merchants were not able to predict their lifespans. They will only come to realise it when it was too late, i.e. when the ship actually sinks!